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To Throw Or Not To Throw - That Is The Question?.... The Art Of The Throw Cushion

For those of you who aren't familiar with our store. My husband and I own a Furniture Store in Gunnedah NSW. We both have been self employed in our own industries for over 20 years and this last four years we have teamed our expertise into the one enterprise.  "Enchanted On Conadilly". We sell Furniture - Fashion - Flooring - Florist and all the accompanying bits and pieces.

 Enchanted On Conadilly Store

Seeing as we have completely opposite tastes and our expertise is in completely the opposite areas, it does cause a few epic "discussions".

So our plan this last 6 months is that we have our own designated areas. I am in charge of the front of the store (The "girls" section - we have smelly candles burning, nice music playing and decorated with pretty things including doilies!) and he is in charge of the back of the store (The "Boys" Section. They have no candles masking the smell of their spring rolls and pies, and everything is lined up very practically - beds with bed, lounges with lounges etc). It works well and people can see who runs what area very plainly!

Our one very large point of difference though is the Throw Cushions......

Kas AUstralia

(Photo: Kas Australia Instagram)

I believe in making the store look like you would want your home to look.

I like to tell little stories throughout the space. It gets your imagination going and helps you to visualise how you can see things in your own home.


My husband thinks that putting that "crap" all over the beds and lounges stops people from trying them out and therefore not selling the furniture that the cushions are sitting on! 

This is a never ending argument and one neither of us will win, because both arguments have merit.

What do you think when walking into a Furniture Store?  Do you like to see a room decorated to look like a real family home or do you prefer to see bare furniture that you feel free to sit on without moving things around? I'm sure that husbands & wife disagree on this all over the world!

     (Photo: Kas Australia Instagram)

(Photo: Kas Australia Instagram)

However, when it comes to Home Styling, throw cushions and throws can make all the difference between a house and a home.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling with cushions. It's just a matter of person taste and how they work in the context of the whole room.

There are a few little hints to consider though:

  1.       Co-ordinate cushions with your existing decor. Look for cushions in colours and patterns that will match your colour palette. That being said though, one of the trends in 2020 is not matching the cushions to your lounge. If your lounge has matching cushions, get rid of those and use cushions with co-ordinating colours and patterns instead.  
  2.       If you have a neutral colour theme in your room, choose two or three bold coloured or patterned cushions to add some depth to your space.  The opposite if you have a more vibrant colour palette with a bold lounge, add more neutral colours and textures to create a warmth.
  3.       Layer Textures.  Don't be afraid to mix textures and patterns Velvet, fur, silks mixed with cotton and linen will create a modern yet cosy feel to your room.      Re-arrange how you have your cushions sitting on the lounge.  You can position them next to each other across the lounge, or layer them in one corner with a throw rug.
  4.       Vary your cushions shape and size. Cushions come in all shapes and sizes. Try an extra large cushion with a traditional 50xm x 50cm cushion and add a long or round cushion.
  5.       Create Contrast.  Using block colours and horizontal or vertical lines in a narrow space can play with the eyes and make the space seam larger.
  6.       Feel free to be create.  Let your creativity flow, don't be afraid to play with your favourite colours, and bright patterns and textures. Be confident in your selection because at the end of the day, this is your home and as long as you love it, that's all that matters.

We have a large rnage oof cushions instore from leading brands such as Kas Australia, Logan & Mason & Weave by Warick. Come in and play with a few looks for yourself and see what works best for your space.

 Love Jodi & The Enchanted Team xx