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Harper Button Back Chair - The Perfect Occasional Chair





What is your idea of bliss?

I love to read.  Reading has always been my go to “happy place”.  When I was young I used to read all the time and it would transport me away to another world where life was perfect.  All the hangups I had as an adolescent girl didn't exist.  I had the perfect body, the perfect boyfriend and life in my imagination was just so much better. 

Now I'm an adult and although I do firmly live in reality, I do still choose to take a step through my imagination where I am transported to the Scotish Highlands and spending time with a certain Redheaded Highlander, or enjoying the life stories of other people where we can appreciate how good we do actually have life.

There are two places I love to read.  One is in my bed! I have the most beautiful mattress to laze in (bought from the best mattress store ever of course!!)  and I also love to read in a sunny spot in my lounge room in a comfy chair.  This is what I will be talking about today!! That comfy chair!

The perfect Comfy Occasional Chair:

As far as comfy occasional chairs go there are two types of chairs.  Cute & Comfy, and it's a lucky day when you come across a chair that has both of these features!

We have found the PERFECT CHAIR.  It's both CUTE & COMFY and you can tailor it perfectly to suit your tastes and room decor.




 Australian Made Comfort & Style

This Chair Features:

  • High Back

  • Side Arms

  • Solid Construction

  • Excellent Warranty

  • Custom Fabric Choice

  • Australian Dunlop Foam Seating

  • Styling Buttonback Design

  • French Piping

I had this chair made in the gorgeous green plush fabric and matching print from Profile Fabrics, but you can have it made in any colour that suits your style, taste & decor.  The choice really is endless. The selection below are some colour choices for the gorgeous “Velvet touch” type of fabrics.







You can choose to have it made in a single colour, or really express your unique style in a complementary fabric choice with a plain & pattern.


This is another Tub Chair for an incredible Australian Manufacturer we have made in the Warwick Flowerbomb Scarlet. We decided to go with an all over print in this style of chair as its smaller and wore the print really well. 



Making your colour selection:

There is no right or wrong when it comes to making a colour selection. You can carefully analyse your room decor and choose something to complement your current decor, or you can jump right out of the box and decide on an outrageous choice that you can make work through the use of cushions, throws and floor rugs.

I think if your room is in cool tones, it would be wise to stick with cool colours and visa versa with warm colours. 

My lounge room at home is currently (I plan to do a complete re style soon!): Warm Tones

Floors - Dark Wood Panel Vinyl Walls - CreamCurtains - Sheer Lace

Lounge - Burgundy LeatherFurniture - Dark Brown Wood.

Floor Mat - Burgundy, Forest Green & Latte tones

So the Flowerbomb Scarlet would suit my styling beautifully.  But I could also go for a plain Latte or Forest Green depending on whether I wanted to go with light or dark.

If your room was Cool Tones such as grey floors, white walls, grey lounge, light wood furniture then you could go with any cool tone colour and add splashes of that colour throughout the rest of your room with cushions & throws.



Now more than ever we are talking about Australian Manufacturers.  By using Australian Made, we are using products from Australia. Hard Woods, Dunlop Foam, Quality Fabrics and Australian Leather.  

As the building items are higher quality, so is the warranty that comes with the Lounge.  With an imported lounge you may get a 12 month warranty.  With our Australian Manufacturers, warranty ranges from 10 - 30 years! On some products they offer a lifetime warranty. 

If something does go wrong, the manufacturer is here in the same country so problems are addressed so much faster.  If you are having issues with electronics for example, a new cable is sent from Sydney, Melbourne or South Australia. You aren't waiting a minimum of 12 weeks for the next shipping container to arrive.