INTERIOR DESIGN: Need a little help?

  • Are you looking to freshen up your living space ready for Christmas?
  • Having trouble putting together a colour scheme?
  • You have found amazing inspiration on the internet and just need something to help you bring it all together?

Becoming an Interior Designer has given me some great tips in creating colour schemes for your room. Like designing anything, your wedding, your wardrobe, your event, its always best to start with a colour palette.  The palette can be chosen based on what "feel" you want to create for that room. You might want to create a subtle calming room for your office and may chose an "Achromatic" palette which is colours with very low saturation such as white, grey for cool tones or add a hint of brown for something warmer.

You might be looking at a bold statement for a living room to match your new Terricotta Corner lounge (We have one arriving in stock soon!! Specially designed by us at Enchanted On Conadilly) so you might chose a "Split Complementary" Palette. Using a main colour on the colour wheel and then selecting two adjacent colours.

There is an incredible tool you can access on-line to bring these scheme together when selecting the wall colours or wood and floor finishes you require to complete your design.

This website allows you to upload your inspirational photo and then it generates the paint, fabric or wood finishes in that photo.

Eg:  Here is a photo of a Split Complementary Colour Palette I found on-line as inspiration.

It generates the colours we require to make that colour palette work!! Isnt that amazing!

We offer a full Interior Design Consultation at Enchanted On Conadilly and we can also design your funriture to match your colour palette and room size.  We have a number of manufacturers in Sydney and Melbourne who make our custom designs.  How great is it to have special pieces in your living space taylor made to suit your taste and needs, knowing that no-one else will have anything like it!  

This is a unique service only offered by a handful of privately owned Funiture Stores and Interior Designers.

We also offer upto 36 Months Interest Free on all Customed Designed furniture and the cost of the consultation will come off your furniture purchase!! Cant ask for better value than that!!!

Come talk to me Jodi at Enchanted On Conadilly and we can turn your house into your dream home!

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