Sunday Styling Sessions - Simple & Inexpensive Styling Tips




Some amazing people just have a knack for styling, it doesn't matter what they throw together, it will always look amazing!  For the rest of us though, it takes a little bit more thought. 

I have done an Interior Design Course, but even before then I always found that there were a few relatively simple and inexpensive ways you could add a style to your home and make it look like you've paid for an interior design make-over.

Its takes years studying these different principles and how to successfully bring them together to create a beautiful space, so let's just look at the two basics: Elements (Building Blocks) and Principles (Tools)

Elements of Design:

  • Space

  • Line

  • Colour

  • Texture

  • Pattern

  • Shape

  • Light

Principles of Design:

  • Balance

  • Rhythm & Repetition

  • Emphasis

  • Proportion & Scale

  • Harmony


To look at each of these in depth isn't what we are about today in keeping things simple. I just thought I would share those as it's something to consider when you are incorporating different elements into your design.

I am limited in my store to create just a simple space without any overflow, but using what I have I will explain how I have bought this styled room together in the above photo.

I will be working with 5 of the 7 Elements of Design listed above:


  • Colour - Pattern - Texture - Shape - Space

  • Colour:

The lounge I am working with is this cute little 2 piece suite. It's a 3 & 2 Seater Sofa Suite.  I know I have to work with certain colours in my scheme using items I have in the store. To give myself some inspiration, I will make up a mood board incorporating the colours I am using and some shapes & textures I'd like to work with; just to see how they go together.


  • Pattern:

Pattern repetition is great for creating harmony in a design.  I have repeated the leaf design in the cushions, wallart and other ceramic elements.  The Feather is repeated in the cushions & wall art and the metallic gold is repeated in the cushions, wall art and in other decorative pieces through the space.



  • Texture:

Don't be afraid to mix textures when working with decor items.  In this display I have combined a Linen Lounge, added a chunky wool throw with a chunky knit cotton cushion.

  • Shape:

The use of shapes can create a cohesive look to your story.  You will notice I have repeated the same shape throughout. We have lots of squares, squares in the shapes of the cushions, the lounge has squares and the wall art is in squares.

I have also added some round edges to create interest.


  • Space

In this story I had a very limited area I was allocated to create this look.  I had to consider where I would position everything to gain the easiest access to make the product useful, but also what would be most aesthetically pleasing. 

So there is my 5 Top Tips to create a beautifully styled space in your home.

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